ProSoft Wireless Designer

ProSoft Wireless Designer


ProSoft Wireless Designer simplifies the task of planning and specifying your ProSoft Wireless network. The easy to use, wizard-based interface creates a visual layout of your radios and sites, and generates a complete Bill of Materials including radios and accessories.

This resource is available as a free download. 

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Features and Benefits

 Simplicity of Specifying Installation

  • Visual diagram of site layout
  • Location
  • Radio type, frequency range, channel and power requirements
  • Length, type and estimated signal loss for cables
  • Required accessories
  • Complete parts list

 Comprehensive Site Audit Capability

  • Detailed description of each site and link
  • Helps to visualize and understand network, technical support and maintenance needs

Backed by ProSoft Technology

  • Industrial data communications experts who understand your protocols, devices, and applications
  • Three year standard warranty 



ProSoft Wireless Designer is a fast, accurate way to develop a comprehensive specification list and Bill of Materials for your wireless network. Use ProSoft Wireless Designer to specify:

  •  Radios
  •  Cables
  •  Lightning Protection
  •  Connectors
  • Antennas


  • Contains a database of ProSoft’s Wireless I/O, Cellular, and Wireless Ethernet radios, antennas, cables, connectors and accessories
  • Exports Parts List, Site and Link Details, and Wizard settings into a variety of common file formats, for import into applications such as spreadsheets, databases and word processors
  • Checks wireless link feasibility based on path length and recommended accessories
  • Predicts signal strength based on distance, local regulations and hardware choices
  • Fully documents your ProSoft Wireless network plan