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Configuration Storage on the PLX31 & PLX32 Gateways

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The SD card slot is provided as an optional backup mechanism for restoring configurations or transferring a configuration from one gateway to another.

It is important to note that the SD card takes precedence over the gateways’ internal non-volatile storage. If the SD card is present at boot-up, the configuration stored on the SD card will be loaded into RAM. If the SD card is present, all configuration downloads and uploads will go through the SD card. Only when the SD card is not present will the gateways’ internal non-volatile storage be used instead. The SD card is hot-swappable and can be inserted and removed while the gateway is still powered on.

To copy a configuration from a SD Card to the internal non-volatile storage:
1) Insert SD Card
2) Upload from device to PC. This will copy the config stored on the SD Card into Prosoft Configuration Builder (PCB).
3) Remove SD Card
4) Download from PC to device. This will store the PCB configuration into the internal non-volatile storage.

To copy a configuration from the internal non-volatile storage to a SD card:
1) Remove SD Card
2) Upload from device to PC
3) Insert SD Card
4) Download from PC to device

Further information on using SD cards with the PLX3x family gateways can be found on this KB article:SD Card Support on the PLX31 & PLX32 Series Gateways