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What steps should I take to diagnose a Fieldserver product?

1) Assuming you can still at least connect to the Fieldserver, the first thing you should always do is connect to the web GUI (put the ip address of the field server product into a web browser on a computer on the same network as the Fieldserver product). From here, click on User...

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How does field server modbus driver handle floats

When dealing with floats and modbus in a field server product, there are a few key elements to be aware of. First, if the data array you are connecting with your modbus point is of type Float, the field server will convert the value to an integer (stripping off the mantissa/fract...

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What do the QuickServer LEDs indicate?

The function of the LED lights varies from one QuickServer to another, largely based on the protocols used, but some related general information is as follows:SPL - This LED indicates a network failure on the Ethernet port. This LED should not be active unless one of our drivers ...

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They can only discover my first BACnet point?

If you are finding that your Field Server's first BACnet point is being discovered, but none of the rest are, re-examine your names under Data_Array_Name for typos. If a data array name is defined which is not previously defined in the configuration file (such as do to a typo), t...

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How many Client and Server connections does the QuickServer’s Modbus TCP/IP driver support?

The QuickServer's Modbus TCP/IP driver (used in such gateways as the PS-QS-1010-0757 or the PS-QS--1010-0117) can have as many as 10 separate client connections, and has no limit on the number of server connections.So if we are going to be the one initiating communication (acting...

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Can I use Excel to create or edit CSV files for QuickServers or SlotServers?

Yes, with some caveats. We have had customers report that Excel on an Apple OS created a CSV format which FieldServer products could not load. There also appear to be some special circumstances, such as when you tab, where Excel even in Windows will add quotation marks or other i...

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They can discover me, but not my BACnet points?

If you, or the BACnet Client/Master working with you, are attempting to discover the points of your BACnet field server, and they are able to discover the field server itself, but NOT its points, this is usually because you are using a BACnet Client/Master configuration, and not ...

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I'm getting an Error: Unknown Object, What does this mean?

An Unknown Object error indicates that the BACnet device we are communicating with has responded to a request to read or write one or more BACnet objects, but only to advise us that they could not do what we requested because at least one of the objects we requested was not defin...

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