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Can I use Excel to create or edit CSV files for QuickServers or SlotServers?

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Yes, with some caveats. We have had customers report that Excel on an Apple OS created a CSV format which FieldServer products could not load. There also appear to be some special circumstances, such as when you tab, where Excel even in Windows will add quotation marks or other invisible characters which will cause the names fields to be treated differently than intended by FieldServer products. Excel will also frequently add extra commas, however, FieldServer's csv parser has been built to try to ignore these so they are usually not an issue. If you are concerned that Excel may be causing issues, we strongly recommend opening your CSV file in note pad, or a similar text editor, that should reveal any extra characters Excel may have added that you did not intend which you can then manually remove. You will want to be sure, however, to save your file with the csv extension and not txt.