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NEW PLX32 Gateways - Features and Limitations

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New Dual Ethernet Port Gateways Soon To Be Released

Here is a quick overview of the features and limitations of the soon-to-be-released PLX32 Gateways:

Protocol Combinations available:
* PLX32-EIP-MBTCP for Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP/IP
* PLX32-EIP-SIE for Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet
* PLX32-MBTCP-SIE for Modbus TCP/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet

Capabilities and Limitations:
* Each PLX32 will have two independently-addressable Ethernet ports, P1 (right-hand port) and P2 (left-hand port).

* Each of the two Ethernet ports MUST be configured on different Ethernet sub-networks. You will not be able to configure or operate both ports on the same sub-net.

* Configuration is possible though only the right-hand port, P1. You will not be able to configure the gateway through P2.

* ProSoft Discovery Service will work to discover the IP address only on P1 and to assign a temporary IP address to P1. The IP address of the P2 port will not appear in ProSoft Discovery Service and, therefore, P2 cannot be assigned a temporary IP address.

* Each Ethernet port will transmit messages using only one of the two Ethernet protocols. You will not be able to send messages from both protocols on the same Ethernet port. The idea here is to be able to separate messages between ports so that each protocol gets its own Ethernet port and its own sub-net, to prevent cross-talk between sub-nets through the gateway.

* No bridging of protocols between Ethernet ports.

* No serial protocol options at this time for the PLX32 dual-Ethernet port gateways.