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It's not clear to me, what the EEPROM store command means? Or for each VFD device it's different?

This is dependent on the Allen-Bradley drive you are using. Refer to your drive documentation on its support of EEPROM storing....

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PowerFlex 7000 ScanPort requirements for ProSoft interfaces

The PowerFlex7000 drive must be configured to disable DPI communications, and enable ScanPort Communications.The PowerFlex7000 firmware revision where this configuration was implemented is in FRN 5.02. (Contact Rockwell Automation for firmware if required) To set the drive for Sc...

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Which Allen-Bradley PowerFlex Drives support the Scanport protocol?

The powerflex 70 standard and enhanced and the powerflex 700 standard are the only scanport supported drives in the powerflex series. Related Keywords:1550 1560...

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