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Do ProSoft CompactLogix modules work with the new CompactLogix processors?

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The requirements for Prosoft's CompactLogix InRAx modules are:

* 1769 I/O bus
* 450-800ma @5v from the bus, depending on the MVI module
* Placement within 2-4 slots of a CompactLogix power supply, depending on the MVI module

The power and Distance Rating (proximity to power supply) requirements for each MVI module are listed in each module's datasheet which is linked to the Downloads tab on that module's product page. Please review the specifications for your CompactLogix system to determine whether it will provide sufficient power for all modules intended for your application including the Prosoft module.

This includes the newer L2 and L3 CompactLogix processors, and new CompactLogix processors in the forseeable future. Also please note that CompactLogix L1 series processors are not supported since they do not support 1769 I/O.

See also: MVI modules with L23 Processors