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Floating Points

Floating point numbers (also known as 'real numbers') give a certain freedom in being able to represent both very large and very small numbers in the confines of a 32 bit word (that's a double word in our PLCs). Up until this point the range of numbers we were able to represent w...

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How do I handle unsigned integers in a CompactLogix or ControlLogix?

It is recommended to use a BTD instruction in RSLogix 5000 to convert the value from a signed integer to a DINT....

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Where do configuration files get stored on the MVI56E platform?

On the MVI56E platform configuration files get stored to the CompactFlash card.  This way if the module fails the CompactFlash card can be placed in a replacement unit without the need for downloading a configuration to the module.Note: On the MVI56E-MCM and the MVI56E-GSC t...

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I have an In-Chassis module, and am seeing a type mismatch shown in the module properties. What is the issue?

The type mismatch error is always shown since the ProSoft In-Chassis modules do not support the additional functionality required to respond to this inquiry from the processor.  This field does not reflect the status of the ProSoft In-Chassis module, and does not have any im...

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Where is the configuration stored on the MVI46, 56, 69 and 71 modules?

Q:  I've read where it states that the battery is backup power for the CMOS. Is this where all the PCB configuration is stored or do the modules have ROM memory for the PCB configuration?A:  With all the MVI46, 56 and 71 modules, configuration is either stored in CF, o...

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How to flash MVI56E module firmware

Please download the attached document for the MVI56E firmware update procedure....

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Are the Ethernet port(s) Auto MDI-X ports?

Yes, the Ethernet port(s) will work with either cross-over cables or standard Ethernet patch cables to a switch or another device....

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Using CIP Connect with the Lite (free) Version of RSLinx Classic

Some Prosoft modules, such as the 69E and 69L families, have only the option to use CIP Connect over the backplane for configuration downloads and uploads in the Prosoft Configuration Builder (PCB). Other modules offer CIP Connect as an alternative to connecting directly to the c...

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