Water and Wastewater Solutions

Water and wastewater utilities are critical infrastructures that are key to societal development. Increased population growth has placed significant challenges on this continuous service, and it is now more important than ever for water and wastewater systems to remain fully connected, ensure data integrity, and extend the life of their operational assets.

Water and wastewater applications are faced with the need to reliably connect their equipment. With real-time connectivity between disparate or wide-ranging equipment, you can:
  • Ensure reliable communications between equipment across your application
  • Perform predictive maintenance to increase productivity
  • Limit time spent on-site
Meanwhile, modernizing a large operation can be daunting, to say the least. Many water and wastewater applications use the legacy protocol DF1, but spares may be dwindling. With a phased modernization of your legacy DF1 equipment, you can:
  • Modernize on your timeline and budget using OpEx dollars
  • Minimize downtime during updates
Learn more about how ProSoft can help your water and wastewater system connect disparate devices, simplify networking between remote equipment, maximize the life of your existing assets, and reliably capture all operational data.

Real-World Examples

Flood Barrier Communicates via PROFIBUS

In-chassis modules and wireless radios provide the essential connections that this U.K. flood barrier requires.


Remote Access Gateways Save Time for Oregon City’s Public Works Department

"The gateways ensure that all data trans- mission is executed at an increased rate, which allows for proper alarm indication due to the wastewater’s high flow rates."


How a Poland Plant Saved Energy and Improved Communications

The water treatment plant needed to add Modbus® communications into CompactLogix™ controllers. Scalable in-chassis modules provided a reliable link.


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