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I have a device that expects power to be provided through a serial or Ethernet connection. Do ProSoft communciations solutions provide such power?

ProSoft inRAx, ProTalk, and ProLinx solutions do not provide any power via their serial or Ethernet ports.

In the case of serial devices, if external adapters or adapter cables are used that expect to get power from the ProSoft solution's serial port, those devices will not work and communication will probably fail as a result. One typical example is a barcode scanner with RS-232TTL port comes with an adapter cable that is supposed to boost the RS-232TTL signals up to RS-232C levels; but, in order for the adapter cable to work, it needs power from the ProSoft RS-232C port. In this case, since ProSoft serial port cannot power this cable, the signal will not be boosted and communication between the scanner and the ProSoft solution will fail.

In the case of Ethernet devices, if a ProSoft Ethernet communications port is wired up to an Ethernet network that sends power over the Ethernet cable (Power Over Ethernet or POE applications), then the ProSoft solution may be severely damaged. ProSoft Ethernet solutions should never be used in POE applications unless isolated from the power on the network.

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