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What are the differences between the DCSNet and DCSNet2 firmware?

The major difference between these 2 firmware revisions is how much data the AN-X-AMX unit can transfer to a CompactLogix or ControlLogix processor: DCSNet firmware supports emulating a single Generic I/O module in RSLogix 5000 with a limit of 500 words of Input and 248 words o...

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Does the AN-X-AMX support RNET?

The AN-X-AMX does not support the RNET protocol which was used on the old AutoMate 30 series processors....

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When operating as a DCSNet(2) slave can the AN-X-AMX gateway be configured to emulate more than 1 drop area?

The AN-X-AMX gateway can be configured to emulate multiple drops, but only in a single consecutive drop area.For instance it is possible to configure the AN-X-AMX to be drop 40 - 47 by setting the Drop to 40 and the depth to 8....

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What is the default addressing schema for the EtherNet IP DCSNet(2) Slave interface?

When using the DCSNet(2) firmware in a slave configuration the addresses use the following layout:Drop 0 = N100:0 - N100:63Drop 1 = N101:0 - N101:63Drop 2 = N102:0 - N102:63etc....The first 32 registers (0 - 31) contains the data that will be sent to the AutoMax controller, and t...

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Is it possible for a FactoryTalk View application to get data from a DCSNet(2) AN-X-AMX Slave?

Yes, To do so create an ethernet device by right clicking on EtherNet:Browse the NET ENI folderBrowse the PLC5 FolderSelect the 2nd PLC5 in the list which is the PLC5 L40CWhen prompted enter the IP Address of the AN-X-AMX gatewayMap your Shortcut to this deviceClick verifyClick t...

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