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What are the differences between the DCSNet and DCSNet2 firmware?

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The major difference between these 2 firmware revisions is how much data the AN-X-AMX unit can transfer to a CompactLogix or ControlLogix processor:

  • DCSNet firmware supports emulating a single Generic I/O module in RSLogix 5000 with a limit of 500 words of Input and 248 words of output


  • DCSNet2 firmware supports emulating multiple generic I/O modules in RSLogix 5000 so it is able to configure the largest possible AutoMax DCSNet network configuration.


The only feature present in the DCSNet firmware that was not migrated forward to the DCSNet2 firmware is the ability to do AN-X to AN-X communications.

It is recommended to use the DCSNet2 firmware unless AN-X to AN-X communication is required.