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Setting the IP address on an MVI or ProLinx Ethernet module

The IP address on MVI and ProLinx modules is set using the wattcp.cfg file. This is a text based file which is edited using any text based editor such as Microsoft Notepad or Wordpad. wattcp.cfg file is attached here:...

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What ProSoft Ethenet Protocols offer UDP support?

ProSoft offers several Ethernet communications solution that offer UDP support.  The DNPNET and DNPSNET DNP3 modules and EGD modules (GE Ethernet Global Data protocol), offer some level of UDP support.  ...

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What Ethernet ports are required for Prosoft PLC modules and gateways?

Prosoft gateways and in-chassis PLC modules which are configured via Ethernet use UDP port 50000 for discovery and UDP port 3000 for configuration and online diagnostics.Web based services for products including AN-X2 and Fieldserver gateways require TCP port 80Some of the more c...

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What is the bits-per-second (bps) speed of ProSoft Ethernet solutions?

All ProSoft In-Chassis solutions (for Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation in-chassis installations) and ProTalk solutions (for Modicon Quantum in-chassis installations) with Ethernet ports can operate at 10Mbps or 100Mbps, half or full duplex.  Most products have Auto-Negotiat...

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Do ProSoft ethernet products support the SNMP protocol?

No. The SNMP (simple network management protocol) is not supported by any of Prosoft's Ethernet based products....

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