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Why am I getting communications errors on my HART devices?

Although all of the HART modules from ProSoft are shipped with a 1k resistor, on networks of more than 1 device, you may need to change the value of the resistor to keep the current value of the HART network within specifications. A resistor will need to be a value between 250 oh...

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Does ProSoft make any HART Slave solutions, which will acquire data on an RS232 port and allow it to be read by a HART Master?

Sorry, but ProSoft offers only HART master solutions. We do not offer any HART slave solutions....

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The Hart Manual shows the network connector on the front of the gateway device. It has a connection for 24vdc. Is this jumpered internally, or do I need to connect 24vdc to the gateway in two diffe

Power must be supplied to both power connections. You can use the same power source, but we recommend a separate power supply for each connection...

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What version of the HART protocol is supported in ProSoft HART solutions?

All ProSoft HART solutions support the HART protocol specifications, Version 5....

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What is the typical update rate of the HART devices when using HART modules?

As the HART protocol communicates at 1200 baud, expect HART update times around 500ms per device on the network....

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