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MSG instruction fails to the MVI56-BAS module

A compatibility issue exists between RSLogix version 13 and FW revision 1.03 of the MVI56-BAS.  A new version of firmware has been released for the MVI56-BAS.  Please contact your regional Technical Support office to obtain the latest released firmware for the MVI56-BAS...

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How can I prevent the user of an MVI56-BAS module from modifying the BASIC program while installed on a customer site?

You cannot prevent someone from modifying the BASIC program, however, the following steps help ensure the integrity of your program.Use the following steps to finalize the code and the MVI56-BAS module for production: Write the program and test it in RAM. Use PROG to tran...

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MVI56-BAS does not list edits, Why?

I have made edits to my BASIC program on an MVI56-BAS module. It appears that the edits are being processed, however, when I try to get a listing of the program, the latest edits do not appear in the program. Why?When the MVI56-BAS module is placed in "PROG2" mode, the ...

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In the MVI56-BAS how can I transfer a string to the CLX Processor?

There's no direct way to transfer a string to theControlLogix processor from the basic module, but you can search for all the characters inside the string and send that to the ControlLogixprocessor. A very simple program to do that would be: rem $(0) contains the string to send ...

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MVI56-BAS is running a program connected to a device that sends data and sometimes the BASIC program is changed. How do I prevent this?

It is possible that if you have a basic program running in yourMVI56-BAS and you have the port 1 connected to a device thatperiodically send data, sometimes the basic program may be changed. This can happen if your device sends the ^c (Ctrl C) character (ASCII 03) to the BASIC mo...

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