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In the MVI56-BAS how can I transfer a string to the CLX Processor?

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There's no direct way to transfer a string to theControlLogix processor from the basic module, but you can search for all the characters inside the string and send that to the ControlLogixprocessor. A very simple program to do that would be:
rem $(0) contains the string to send to the processor
push 0
call 68
pop l
rem the string length is extracted
push int(l)
push 201
call 25
rem the length is transferred to the processor
for i=1 to l step 2
rem all the ASCII chars are extracted
value = asc($(0),i) + asc($(0),i+1) * 256
push value
push int(i/2) + 202
cal l25
rem and transferred to the processor
next i
call 54

just call this routine with the desired string in $(0),and that string is going to be transferred to the input image in the CLX processor then in the controller you need to use a rung as showed inthe attached image.ladder logic