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Q: Do I have to use the virtual machine, or can I compile my applications in my own Linux OS?
A: The virtual machine was specially created to allow compiling of applications for this module line, and thus must be used to compile any applications. You can, however, write your code elsewhere prior to moving them to the virtual machine, as well as FTP the executable(s) into the module from a different OS.

Q: What if I move the tool chain from the virtual machine to my linux OS, can I compile in my own OS then?
A: The short answer is no, the long answer is that this is not supported, it is not something that was ever attempted or tested, so if you do wish to attempt this, please be aware this is not something our tech support team can provide any support in doing, or in any issues that may arise with a program compiled in this manner.

Q: All of your example programs are in C, do you have any C++ examples?
A: We do not at this time. Consequently, please be aware that programming for these modules in C++ will likely require more work on your part by virtue of the lack of skeletons to build off.

Q: Can I program this in a programming language other than C or C++ and run that application in the module?
A: No. C and C++ are the only supported programming languages for this module series.

Q: Can I program this in another programming language, convert that to C, and then compile and run that?
A: Maybe? It likely hinges largely on the conversion software you use, but this is not a recommended practice, and consequently is not something we can support should you choose to do so.

Q: I compiled and or moved one of the sample executables into the module, but it will not allow me to run it because of lack of permissions, what gives?
A: Since Windows does not have the same detailed permissions as Linux, you will have to change the file permissions on the application once on the target. Use the command chmod a+x filename , where filename is the name of the executable you wish to run. This will give the execute attribute to the application.

Q: Can I install a different editor then VI on the module?
A: Yes and No. Technically speaking, if you were to make and compile your own text editor in our virtual machine and run that, you could that way, but an application that was not compiled in our virtual machine will not work, so you will not be able to run other common pre-compiled linux text editors. If you really do not care for VI please be aware that you may extract the file you wish to edit with an FTP software, edit it with whatever you’d like externally, then FTP the file back into the module.

Q: I’m trying to compile the module in Eclipse in your provided virtual machine, but it’s giving me an error, what am I doing wrong?
A: The provided Eclipse IDE in the virtual machine is for file editing purposes only, to compile your code please use GCC through the terminal as shown in both the quick start guide and manual.

Q: I received the module, but it did not come with the virtual machine mentioned in the quick start guide and manual, did my disk get lost?
A: The module does not ship with the disk containing the virtual machine, as stated in the data sheet. You must either order the dvd separately, or download the development kit from .