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IEC 61850 GOOSE message to GE relay

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In the configuration of the GOOSE message for the IEC-61850 protocol on a GE relay, it is necessary to configure the GOOSE message to go to the GOOSE MAC address, rather than the actual MAC address of the relay. Attached is a screen capture showing the configuration screen and the location that must be setup correctly in order to allow the GE relay to send GOOSE messages to the PLX8x 61850 series Gateways.The first 4 bytes of the MAC address should be the 01 0C CD 01 (standard for GOOSE messaging) and then the last 2 bytes will be the last 2 bytes of the MAC address of the PLX8x module. 

Please see attachment.
The configuration shows sending a message to MAC address 00:0D:xx:xx:06:11 for the PLX8x IEC 61850 module.