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On the MVI56E product line what is the difference between your Modbus TCP communications modules MNET, MNETR, MNETC, MNETCR?

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MNETC: Modbus TCP supporting 30 clients allowing it to remain connected to multiple server (slave) devices, and 10 servers allowing concurrent connections from multiple client (master, ie SCADA or DCS) devices. Use this module for most non-ControlNet applications.

MNET: Modbus TCP with 5 servers (ie "slaves") , and one client (ie "master"). Optimized for polling a single device OR for server applications.

MNETR: Same as MNET, but with a reduced data block. This option is intended for ControlNet applications as it consumes less backplane bandwidth. The MNETR will be much easier to schedule in RSNetworx and reduces the performance impact on other I/O in the remote chassis. Choose the MNET or MNETC when used in local chassis with processor, or in remote chassis via Ethernet.

MNETCR: Multiple client (master) only version of MNETR, also for ControlNet applications.