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SYCON registration number
Viewed 1 times since Tue, Nov 28, 2006
Registration number : F70FF09BF806 Related Keywords: Sycon software all PDPM ProLinx modules (pdpm - profibus dp master protocol) Read More
What is Profibus?
Viewed 1 times since Thu, Apr 12, 2007
Please click on the attachment for a tech note on this protocol. Read More
Does ProSoft or ProLinx support Profibus PA?
Viewed 1 times since Tue, Nov 28, 2006
By itself the module does not support PROFIBUS PA. However, when used with a PROFIBUS DP/PA coupler, it is possible to communicate with the ProLinx module via PROFIBUS PA. Related Keywords: PROFIBUS PA DP PDPS PDPM Read More
How do I setup my 3170-PDP in Step 7 software?
Viewed 1 times since Tue, Nov 28, 2006
Make sure to drop the "3170-PDP 1.2 status" information into the first slot, then each of your I/O modules after that. Any unused slots must have a "flex I/O empty slot" defined in the configuration for that slot setup. Read More
How to resolve an issue where Siemens Step 7 software displays a message indicating that the ProSoft GSD file cannot be interpreted.
Viewed 1 times since Wed, Nov 29, 2006
PROFIBUS DP GSD file names should be limited to eight characters.File names longer than eight characters will cause this error. Delete the excess characters in the file name so that the file name contains no more than eight characters before the .gsd... Read More
How can I monitor module and slave status with the MVI56-PDPV1 and other PDPMV1 PROFIBUS master modules?
Viewed 1 times since Wed, Nov 29, 2006
The PDPMV1 operating state is stored in the MVIxxPDPMV1.Status.Fieldbus.FB_op_state tag:  00 = Offline  40 = Stop  80 = Clear  C0 = Operate To determine slave status, the MVIxxPDPMV1.Status.Fieldbus... Read More
I need to set up a ProSoft PROFIBUS Master to talk to a Siemens S7-300 series CPU that is set up as a PROFIBUS Slave. How do I do that?
Viewed 1 times since Mon, Feb 18, 2008
The attached file shows how to set up a S7-315 CPU to be a PROFIBUS DP Slave to a ProSoft MVI56-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS Master and was written for that specific application. However, many of the setup steps apply to other S7 configurations and other... Read More
I have a PROFIBUS DP network with ProSoft PROFIBUS DP Master solution that appears to be operating normally (no bus faults, slaves report "OK"), but I am unable to control my devices. What
Viewed 1 times since Thu, Apr 24, 2008
Many things can result in these symptoms.  One of the most common causes is that not all slave manufacturers use a standard byte order.  It is very possible that when you think you're sending a value of "1" to a slave&... Read More
I am trying to download my PROFIBUS PDPMV1 Master/Slave configuration from the ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) "PROFIBUS - PDPMV1" Online-Download Configuration menu option; and it is lo
Viewed 1 times since Tue, Mar 18, 2008
Please do not use the "Online - Download Configuration" menu option from inside the PCB "PROFIBUS - PDPMV1" configuration window.  If you do this, it will lock up PCB, requiring you to shut it down and restart it to clear the error. Instead,... Read More
Can a ProSoft PROFIBUS DP v1 Master solution also be configured as a Slave to another Master?
Viewed 1 times since Wed, Mar 5, 2008
Sorry; but this is not possible.  However, a ProSoft PROFIBUS DP v1 Master can be configured to pass data to and from another PROFIBUS DP Master by using a third-party DP-to-DP coupler. Read More
Can a ProSoft PROFIBUS DP v1 Master solution communicate directly with other PROFIBUS DP v1 Masters?
Viewed 1 times since Wed, Mar 5, 2008
Not all PROFIBUS DP v1 Master devices support Master to Master or "peer-to peer" messaging, as some do.  ProSoft PROFIBUS DP v1 Master solutions (those with -PDPMV1 in their part numbers) do not have peer-to-peer support built-in. ... Read More
My Profibus Master (PDPMV1) card is not communicating and will not go into RUN mode but does not show an error in the ProSoft Configuration Builder software, why?
Viewed 1 times since Thu, Apr 7, 2011
Due to GSD file errors or device configuration errrors the module may not be able to go into RUN mode.  However depending on the type of error (invalid GSD file or exceeding parameter data configuration) the ProSoft... Read More
I can't get my ProSoft PROFIBUS DP V1 Master to talk to all of the Slave Nodes on my PROFIBUS network. What might the problem be?
Viewed 1 times since Thu, Sep 4, 2008
The question has several possible answers.  Most of them are obvious to anyone familiar with PROFIBUS networks, so we won't mention them all here. However, there is one remote possibility that has been known to cause problems in the past... Read More
Will the PS69-DPM work with a Siemens 157-xxxxx-0XA0 DP/PA coupler at the baud rate 45.45 Kbit/s?
Viewed 1 times since Wed, Apr 11, 2012
The PS69-DPM does not communicate natively at 45.45 baud. To communicate through this DP/PA coupler you will need the Siemens “Simatic DP Link”. Read More