Communication Solutions for Schneider Electric

ProSoft Technology has in-chassis and gateway communication modules as well as wireless solutions for Schneider Electric users. Our in-chassis modules and gateways enable Schneider Electric PACs to connect with devices over HART, PROFIBUS, DNP3, DF1 and other protocols. The Modbus module for Quantum PACs adds two additional Modbus serial ports to existing platforms, improving control system flexibility. We have gateways to connect Modbus TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP to IEC 61850 for power industry applications. We also have BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP gateways for building automation applications. ProSoft Technology has more than 30 gateway connectivity solutions for Schneider Electric PACs.
  • PLX8X-MNET-61850


  • 5102-DNPS-MCM3

  • 5127-MCM-HART

  • 5201-DFNT-MCM

  • 5201-MNET-104S

  • 5201-MNET-DNPS

  • 5207-MNET-HART

  • 5208-MNET-HART

  • 5228-MNET-HART

  • 5301-MBP-MCM

  • PS-QS-1x11-0154

  • PS-QS-1x10-0757

  • PTQ-104C

  • PTQ-104S










ProSoft Technology wins “Partner of the Year” award at Schneider Electric

ProSoft Technology was awarded the First Prize “Partner of the Year 2013” award by Schneider Electric®’s Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP). The company was honored at Schneider Electric®’s XCelerate 2014 event in Cannes, France.

“ProSoft Technology’s operational processes, in-house and on the field, their customer-oriented mind-set, their commitment to OEMs and system integrators, always keeping in mind the end users’ satisfaction, has been once again reported and commented through the votes,” said Loic Regnier, Industry Business – Strategy and Partnerships Deployment Director at Schneider Electric®.

ProSoft Technology is grateful for the continued partnership support from Schneider Electric® and CAPP.

Quantum Liquid & Gas Flow Module

Quantum Liquid & Gas Flow Module

Our Quantum Liquid & Gas Flow Computer Module supports flow applications performing measurement of hydrocarbon gases or liquids using AGA 3, 7, 8 and API 2540 measurement standards.

Looking for wireless? ProSoft Technology has engineers to help you design a reliable, high-quality wireless network. Whether you need a high speed radio capable of up to 300Mbps or a radio capable of delivering data a long distance, we have your solution.

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Schneider Electric Success Stories

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Automation System Renews Wastewater Treatment Plant in Finland


Quantum controller module to connect to DNP3 Network

Changi Water Reclamation Plant


Automation System Renews Wastewater Treatment Plant in Finland


Quantum controller module to connect to DNP3 Network

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